PIU Wall & Furniture

Organic glass from the Glass Murano collection for use in finishing the walls of the foyer, living room and kitchen. At the same time, we can use the same material for the production of furniture fronts.

The polymer glass panel combines the attractive appearance of the glass in a matte, satine or gloss version with the unique properties of polymers, providing universal processing, milling and punching capability without the risk of cracking the glass. In contrast to traditional glass, it is lightweight, safe, flexible and easy to work with traditional carpentry tools. PIU organic glass panels are characterized by higher resistance to scratches, impacts, heat (up to 90C) and contact with water. There are no traces of fingerprints on them, and they can also be easily cleaned. The gloss version is characterized by a unique depth of colour and a mirror effect. The satin version gives an amazing impression of a velvety finish and light reflection. The matte version emphasizes the depth of matt effect. The mirror surface creates an ultra-modern combination of the original design, elegance and properties of polymers. A wide range of colours Glass Murano is a concept of building walls, doors and wardrobes in the spirit of minimalism treated not as a style, but as a way of thinking about space.

In the interiors, we focus on saving form and color. The whole game takes place elsewhere – we are seduced by the concept, technology, material and function. It’s not about competition, we’re looking for complementarity. Everything connects with each other, there are no places completely closed, separated from others. Corridor, kitchen and bathroom spaces “communicate” with each other using materials and details of finishing the walls and furniture. Our eye can contemplate the game of solids and proportions, asymmetrical compositions composed of walls and furniture make an impression as if they were an integral part of architecture. Decorativeness and simplicity in the interior in a state of perfect balance.


280 - 300cm


100 - 130cm

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