PIU Wall System

Combined with PIU Aluminium Design technology, development of the manufacturing modern large format wall materials (i.e. tiles, large format SPC boards, laminates, quartz sinters) have made it possible to use aluminium solutions in high walls and doors constructions. PIU aluminium door frame allows the walls to be covered with materials whose thickness varies between 3 mm and 25 mm, with the surfaces of the doors and the wall remaining flush. The most commonly used materials include quartz sinters (3-8 mm), large SPC boards (4 mm), Lacobel glass (4-6 mm), organic glass, acrylic and veneered panels (20-22 mm) and offer a perfect match with the elegance of contemporary interior. Aluminium moulding and skirting systems may be used to achieve the undercut wall effect. Modular systems for contemporary living – from home spaces to professional settings and large-scale projects.

With PIU skirting board perfectly flushed with wall, finished with tile, floor or aluminium flat bar, gives the effect of perfectly smooth walls. They give the ability to open the door up to 180 degrees, secure the lower part of the wall from damages. Functionality does not need to mean giving up decorativeness.

We can join modern design with original structural finishing on the wall. Aluminium stripes in brushed brown and black, colour-matched with PIU door frames and sliding systems, perfectly matched with colour of wall panels, are an impressive and surprising solution. Their height up to 300 cm and noble finishing, 3D geometric layout, optically enlarges space. Just a touch that gives the interior nobility, uniqueness and sophistication. Elegance with a dash of rigour.


280 - 300cm


100 - 130cm

Product data sheet PIU Baseboard

Product data sheet PIU Wall System