The handle, although it seems unchanged and ordinary for years, a well-chosen handle becomes an intriguing element, allowing you to play with form, material and style. We offer a wide range of handles adapted to various interior designs. Other elements complementing the PIU Design concealed doors are: a new type of door closer concealed in the frame and leaf, and a self-closing seal that provides a barrier against odour, light, air and sound. The aluminium leaf and frame – PIU Design door system – are suitable for access control systems, intelligent home systems and electric strikes. Everything to make our lives easier, safer and smarter.

With the PIU Design door system, any commercially available door handle can be used. The only requirement is a longer mandrel (for door 5 cm/6,5 cm thick). In case of doors covered with fragile or soft materials, i.e. glass, decorative concrete, sintered quartz or felt, it is advisable to use door handles recommended for a given type of finishing material by manufacturers.