Glass doors

Doors to the home can blend into the decor (hidden doors) or they can be a impressive interior accent. Glass doors placed in the daylight area will illuminate the space and the light penetrating through them will add elegance to the room. Glass shades can be both classic, i.e. graphite, black, optiwhite, and more sophisticated, i.e. with an embedded pattern of silver, gold or copper. A novelty is an above-standard height of glass up to 300cm (high doors) and finishing glass with a thin aluminium frame in selected colours (loft doors), i.e. natural anodised, brushed stainless steel (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black) & brown (brushed dark brown). It’s an inconspicuous detail, but can have a huge impact on the final result of the whole project. In addition, PIU glass doors have a concealed slat hinge.

Glass in the centre and aluminium frame hidden in the wall can completely change an interior, give it character and even play a leading role in it. The advantage of glass doors is an elegant look that adds a chic touch to modern living. Glass doors are more and more frequently and willingly used in private interiors due to their advantages. Most often leading to a dressing room or bathroom next to the bedroom.

Functionality in the embrace of elegance.

Glass doors – available models: PIU Geometric Glass and PIU Glass Line.