ALU sliding system

Sliding doors open up new possibilities for interior design. The functional solution of sliding doors, which do not need a bottom track, open up the interior visually and the silent closing system ensures safety. PIU Geometric ALU sliding system is the answer to the needs of customers who wish to open up the interior of their homes in a free, visual way or, if necessary, quickly separate the interior from the rest of the home.

The invisible guide rail and ergonomic driving mechanism make the door flow along the wall when opening and closing. Noble natural anodised, brushed in shades: black (brushed black), brown (brushed dark brown). Sliding doors are a unique solution combining a carefully refined construction with the possibility of individual design. Sliding door is an individual selection of height and finishing materials, such as polymer Glass Murano, acrylic, leather, laminates and much more, on each side of the leaf.

Functionality doesn’t mean sacrificing decorativeness. We have what you dream of.

See the featured products:

  1. Geometric ALU sliding doors to be finished with different materials
  2. GHOST wall sliding doors to be finished with different materials
  3. PIU Baseboard hidden in the wall aluminium skiritng boards