GLASS sliding system

Nowadays, the greatest decoration of the interiors are the high glazings, which are reminiscent of the rich heritage of modernism. Sliding glass doors PIU Geometric Glass are the luxury of being able to freely open or temporarily close an interior. Sliding glass doors without a bottom track make optimal use of the space in your home. PIU Geometric Glass offers new interior design possibilities and a response to customer needs.

The variety of colours within the available offer makes it possible to match internal sliding doors to the style of the house or flat. The aluminium door construction comes in the shades of brushed stainless steel (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black), brown (brushed dark brown). The aluminium frame, which automatically and gently slides along the rail, offers the possibility of placing clear, smoked and structured glass, as well as possible aluminium divisions, allowing for unlimited interior design possibilities.

Glass sliding doors are pure and timeless geometry.

Design for the connoisseur!

See the featured products:

  1. Geometric Glass sliding doors in various aluminium colours with glass in different shades
  2. GHOST wall sliding doors with glass in different shades