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PIU Design was established by a group of enthusiasts of simple form, sophisticated materials and modern design. We believe that interior design is an art. We challenge traditional thinking about doors. In accordance with contemporary trends, doors have come to fulfill new functions. Innovative design forms extend beyond the boundaries of imagination and inspire one to create unconventional solutions. For this reason, we are systematically expanding our product portfolio to include innovative, self-authored concepts that contribute to the development of interior architecture, rather than being its functional supplement. In 2018, we’ve joined an exclusive Italian manufacturers group of finishing materials, such as: natural leather, SICIS Vetrite, organic glass, fabrics, meshwork’s, mosaic’s. Aluminium interior doors, sliding doors and wall systems are our specialty, and we can finish them with those materials.

In our offer you will find hidden doors with an aluminum door frame, flush with the wall and high enough to reach the window line or the ceiling, including doors without the header. Due to their technology – Aluminium Design – and form, they can be customized to suit individual needs and specific character of a given interior space. They can be finished in countless ways by covering the walls and doors with all kinds of materials, i.e. decorative concrete, glass, acrylic glass, sintered quartz, natural leather, fabric, laminate, lacquered and veneered panels and many other in different thicknesses.

Thanks to our designer concepts and meticulous attention being paid to every detail, our doors have increasingly become an important component of prestigious interior designs. We have already won trust of many architectural studios engaged in the completion of demanding private and public projects. We cooperate with many recognised designers, such as Tomasz Augustyniak, Maciej Karpiak. Doors from the Aluminium Design Line have been repeatedly awarded at prestigious Design festivals and competitions, including the Good Design Competition organized by the Institute of Industrial Design, Arena Design, Wrocław Design, Łódź Design Festival, Design District Zandaam in the Netherlands or Nordbygg in Stockholm in Sweden.

„We are inspired by people. In our projects, we strive to combine advanced technology with good designs, making sure that simplicity of the form goes in hand with the finishing elegance so that a given interior space evokes a sense of harmony, beauty and luxury.”

Dorota Warych-Mitas
CEO & Brand Manager

Our designers

Dorota Warych-Mitas - projektant i twórca marki PIU


A historian by education, she has been professionally involved in the architecture and interior design market for many years. She is the main designer and creator of the PIU Design brand, manufacturer of a system of high doors based on the self-authored Aluminum Design technology. During contacts with designers, architects and individual customers she has often pointed out that the door is often underestimated, although it has a major impact on the spatial layout and its attractiveness. Her brand is a leading brand among innovative, custom-made door systems. Dorota Warych is an enthusiast of Polish and foreign design festivals. She frequently takes part in discussion panels devoted to design, art and architecture. She loves modernism. In her work, she follows the idea “I create with passion”.


A graduate of the WSSU in Szczecin, where he studied at the Faculty of Interior Architecture. For many years he has been awarder multiple times in Polish and International designing contests for the best product, best industrial design (i.e. main award in Interior Innovation Award, finalist in Millenium Technology Prize, 3 Red Dot awards and award in Must Have during Łódź Design Festival 2021). In 2003 he presented prototypes of his furniture at SaloneSatellite in Milan. From 2004 he runs his own multidisciplinary design office – Office for Design Maciej Karpiak. He is an author of over 100 patented industrial design, several hundred projects of interior design, furniture design and architectural concepts. Owner and main designer of Nuuun Kitchens brand. He has worked for brands like: Hugo Boss, Kryolan, Dupont, BSH, MINI, VOLVO, Labra, Bejot and many others. In 2021 he begun cooperation with PIU Design in projects related to the glass technology and door systems development. He is currently running Bionic Design Faculty and Multidisciplinary product design Faculty at Academy of Art in Szczecin.

Tomasz Augustyniak - projektant marki PIU


A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań, where he studied at the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Industrial Design. Since 1993, he has been working as a freelance designer. Between 1997 and 2005 he worked with Autorski Bank Projektów WZORNIK (Self-Authored Bank of Designs SAMPLER). For many years, he has been producing designs for furniture factories, including COMFORTY, NOTI, PROFIm, MIKOMAX, VOX, DELIVIE, MARBET STYLE, NAP and since 2015 also for the manufacturer of PIU DESIGN doors. He also provides consulting services in the field of industrial design. As part of his activities, he designs everyday objects and produces architectural concepts for interior spaces. He has won many awards. In 2010, he received the title of the designer of the year, awarded by the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw. He is the author of the models of Modern and Graf doors from the PIU Aluminum Line for PIU Design, which are finished with natural Alphenberg leather. For more information, please visit the website: www.tomekaugustyniak.pl

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PIU Design is a renowned manufacturer of door systems with an aluminum structure of door frames and door-leaves. The PIU Design research team has its own laboratory and technological facilities. It works together with product designers, preparing and testing new models of doors. The innovative Aluminium Design technology had been developed by the company itself and it is covered by patents. Our production is based on modern machinery and strict selection of materials to ensure high quality of products. Another milestone was the award of UE funding for the development of innovative technologies. Cooperation with the ITB and many certified laboratorires throughout Europe. The system is covered by Technical Approval No. AT-15-8578/2011 and offers excellent sound insulation. Selected models with an Ei30 fire resistance class.