PIU Glass Line

Humans were always fascinated by glass, a wonderful material that reflects and refracts light. Thanks to its nature it is an element that with aluminium plays a central role in PIU Design thinking – to connect, not to divide. The advanced Aluminium Design technology and developments in glass manufacturing allow us to combine the visions of architects and designers with environmentally friendly needs of the modern construction. PIU Aluminium and glass in the spotlight. Fully glazed PIU Glass doors measuring up to 300 cm, in a variety of glass colours and textures, with or without a thin aluminium frame. They are an inconspicuous detail that may largely affect the final effect of the whole realisation. The system of aluminium stripes available in different shades and configurations makes it possible to achieve the effect of loft doors. Large glazed surfaces open up the interior and are in tune with the latest trends in terms of improving the quality of private and public spaces. Concealed, minimalistic hinges, geometric handles and the transparency of glass are the features defining the lightness of PIU Glass doors.

The Glass Pure Collection combines technical rigour with minimal aesthetics. The hidden frame up to 240 cm with a central glass panel finished with customized aluminium stripes. Stripes allow you to create 7 different aesthetic configurations that are able to meet distinctive stylistic and design needs. Concealed hinge, shades of glass create visual lightness and modern look. A glass door means more space and light in the interior.

The novelty of PIU Glass Vitrum is above-standard glass height up to 300 cm and minimalistic, hidden hinges. Ability of finishing glass with thin frame in aluminium shades and using subtle metallic mesh submerged in glass. Elegant, colour-matching handle is the detail that matters. High glass panels create harmony rather than barriers within a space, so that there is always a sense of continuity between the rooms. Thanks to different shades of glass, from optiwhite through satin and decorative, ensure that you find the ideal solution for your comfort and well-being. PIU Vitrum is the highest technological quality of glass solution.

PIU Glass Duo proposes the unmistakable aesthetics of an industrial style, through the use of aluminium stripes applied to the glass panel in grid patterns, the shape of which is customisable.


206 - 300cm


70 - 80 - 90 cm

PIU Glass PURE datasheet

PIU Glass VITRUM datasheet