PIU Glass Line

Glass in the main role, in combination with an aluminum frame hidden in the wall, can completely change the interior, give it character and even play a leading role in it.

A glass door with a concealed hinge PIU Glass Line or sliding system PIU Geometric Glass are very effective solutions. Shades of glass can be both classic, like graphite, black, optiwhite, as well as more sophisticated, i.e. with a sunken pattern of silver, gold, copper. A glass door means more space and light in the interior. A novelty is the above-standard height of the glass panel and the glass finish with a thin aluminum frame in selected colours. This is an inconspicuous detail, and can have a big impact on the final effect of the entire implementation.  Due to muntin bars in different aluminium shades we can achieve an effect of loft doors.

Glass doors with hidden frame are a perfect way to experience a sunny interior. Their main advantage is an elegant look, that gives chic to modern apartments. Glass loft door, due to their values are more and more frequently used in private interiors. Mostly in closets or bathrooms close to bedroom.


206 - 240cm*


70 - 80 - 90 cm

Product data sheet

* Glass & Frame version (aluminium leaf construction) up to 280cm