Loft doors

Glass loft doors

Modern glass door with aluminium frame from the PIU Glass Line collection is a very impressive glass doors with a hidden hinge, up to a height of 300cm. Hidden door frame, aluminium frame, fully sealing hinge leaf, special seal system, minimalist handle and lock fittings, black or bronze brushed aluminium and Stripes made according to the design or pattern are the distinguishing elements of loft doors. As a single or a double leaf version (Glass Duo).

They can be made in a fashionable arrangement with a thin frame surrounding the leaf and Stripes – loft doors. This solution has become particularly popular due to its design and glazing, which optically increases the space. Loft doors allow for the separation of zones, which is so important nowadays, while at the same time providing additional light. Noble aluminium finish for frames and leaves in natural anodised, brushed stainless steel (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black) & brown (brushed dark brown) is a detail that matters. Glass doors are used more and more frequently and willingly in private and public interiors due to their light transmitting and space opening properties. Most often leading to a study, dressing room or bathroom next to the bedroom.

Glass sliding system PIU Geometric Glass is the luxury of being able to freely open or temporarily close an interior. Sliding system without bottom track allows optimal use of space in the flat. PIU Geometric Glass offers new interior design possibilities and a response to customer needs.

Loft doors – available in models: PIU Geometric Glass and PIU Glass Line.

Drzwi loftowe