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Everything begins and ends with a product. Hundreds of hours of conceptual work, testing and implementation must eventually bring the desired result. Caring about the most minute details and functionality, one must also strive to obtain the desired visual form. At the end of this path, an ideal door is produced that will satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers.


We can be happy with what we have achieved only for a short while. A moment later, we begin to think what we can improve. With this way of thinking, we have created an innovative Aluminum Design technology - the most modern door production concept in the world. It offers a virtually limitless range of interior design solutions.


A perfect product is only half the battle. It must go in hand with professional support service for the Architect at every stage of cooperation. We provide advice from the early stage of work on an interior architectural design, through to the preparation of technical drawings and performance of measurements, until the final completion of the project. We also offer design and installation services for those who want to make sure that the potential of our doors is taken advantage of to the fullest extent.


An ideal door combine functionality with a beautiful form. In our daily work, we always remember that our doors serve as a decorative element in interior spaces, striving to win appreciation of architects. Our self-authored solutions make it possible to finish door-leaves in over 600 ways. Finishing materials include leather, concrete, stone, glass and fabric, to mention just a few.

We have won the appreciation of


PIU Design works together with a professional PR agency, engaging itself in active communication and promotional activities in the media specializing in interior design. We hope that our media activities will help to boost the market position not only of our company, but also of our partners from architectural studios. In connection with the above, we invite you to provide us with information about projects that you have completed (including photographic documentation or visualizations) using a PIU Design high door system.


  • We offer our self-authored Aluminum Design technology which enables us to produce high doors (even of over 300 cm) with excellent functional parameters, available in a wide range of styles.
  • We offer over 600 types of decorative materials for finishing the door surface, including leather, concrete, stone, glass and fabric.
  • We have extensive experience in working with architects. We know your needs and expectations. We support our Customers at every stage of work on a design and its implementation.
  • We have completed several hundred projects in the most prestigious private and commercial interior spaces in Poland and abroad.
  • We have a professional team of interior installers, who are responsible for the correct installation of our doors.
  • We work together with the best Polish designers of products and interior architects. As a result, our doors are not only functional, but also beautiful.
  • Our doors are “tailor-made” to suit the needs of a specific investment project. It makes it possible to adjust them perfectly to a given interior space in terms of their aesthetic features and ergonomics.


Here, you can find a list of questions of Customers that we are most often asked in our daily work. We hope that you will find them helpful. If you have any other questions, please contact our local PIU Design representative or the company headquarters.

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If you wish to establish commercial cooperation with us or to learn details of our offer, please get in touch with our Sales Office. We will be happy to provide you with tools for working with our products.

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