Concealed doors

An invisible door can be a solid surface finished with the same shade of paint, wallpaper pattern or other material as the wall. A door with a concealed frame will be perfectly flush, the only hint of its whereabouts will be a discreet handle and the slight outline of the door line. The concept in which doors are “sunk” into the wall is one of the most fashionable trends in interior design. Doors concealed in the wall, concealed doors painted with wall paint, invisible doors covered with wallpaper are perfectly flush with the wall, thus creating a harmonious effect in the interior. This solution makes the space more minimalist. PIU Design is a manufacturer of aluminium frames (concealed frames) and door leaves.

The PIU aluminium frame is matched to the leaves:

  1. PIU Wood Line – doors with a concealed aluminium frame and wooden sash to a height of 250cm, finished with wallpaper, painted or varnished (models 4.5 and 5.0).
  1. PIU Aluminium Line – doors with a concealed aluminium frame and aluminium leaf to a height of 300cm, finished with various wall materials such as polymer glass, acrylic, sinter, leather or architectural concrete (model 5.0).