Door to the ceiling

Aim high! The door to the ceiling is an ideal product for those looking for unusual aesthetics, clarity and at the same time simplicity and functionality. Internal doors are an element increasingly appreciated in homes and appartments, often competing with furniture design, lighting or decoration. High doors, running from floor to ceiling, are the most attractive.

Doors to the ceiling, doors flush with the wall, doors with a hidden door frame are solutions that make the interior appear taller, larger and fuller, without disturbing the harmony of the room. Ideal for both small flats and large houses.

PIU Aluminium doors to the ceiling are an element of interior architecture – a showcase for the home. In order to make them an interesting decorative element and harmonise with the interior, it is worth considering what purpose we want to achieve – a hidden or an exposed door? The choice is not easy. There are as many possibilities as there are ideas. Modern PIU Aluminium Line doors are made entirely of aluminium, which allows you to design the doors according to your needs, in terms of height and finishing materials, i.e. Glass Murano polymer glass, leathers, acrylics, mirrors and many others.

PIU Design is a manufacturer of aluminium frames and aluminium leaves, which are available in natural anodised, brushed stainless steel (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black), brown (brushed dark brown).

PIU doors up to the ceiling – available models PIU Aluminium Line, sliding systems: PIU Geometric Alu and PIU Geometric Glass.