Aluminium internal doors

PIU Aluminium Line doors – aluminium frame and aluminium leaf construction up to 300 cm height and even higher.

Aluminium interior doors are an important element that significantly influences the first impression of any home. Of the materials available, aluminium offers architects particular opportunities for creating space. The PIU Aluminium Line technology – aluminium frame and aluminium leaf – guarantees the dimensional stability of tall doors up to 300cm and even higher, and allows the use of various finishing materials such as polymer glass Murano, acrylic skins, laminates, metallised materials and much more. We treat the door as an architectural element of the wall, which is why we allow the same materials to be used on both the wall and the door (up to 6mm – this ensures a perfect flush of the materials).

PIU ALU is distinguished by its elegant appearance and modern design in anodised aluminium, brushed stainless steel and in black, brown, champagne and other RAL colours. This unique solution combines a meticulously engineered construction with the ability to customise the design. Attention to detail, innovative technology and timeless elegance of doors perfectly tailored to the interiors and people who live in them.

The current trend is to use doors to the window line, doors to the ceiling, concealed doors (concealed frame), sliding walls (GHOST sliding systemGEOMETRIC ALU ceiling sliding systemGEOMETRIC GLASS sliding system). Today, the greatest decoration of the interiors are the high glazings surrounded by an aluminium frame, which are reminiscent of the rich heritage of modernism. The tall glass sliding system replaces traditional walls, while the aluminium frame protects and adds an elegant touch. Details matter.

Today, aluminium interior doors have a new function and the development of the Aluminium Design technology favours crossing the boundaries of imagination and inspires to create unconventional solutions. PIU Design’s sliding walls and doors to the ceiling perfectly fit into this trend. Wood, concrete, glass, polymer glass and textiles have gained a new ally – aluminium. The combination of these materials brings a wave of beauty and elegance to our interiors. A space spiced with luxury detailing gains a definite character.

Open up to the new! Aluminium high doors that blend in with the wall, with only the handle betraying their presence. Concealed doors in aluminium construction are also ideally suited to access control systems, electric door openers and smart home technology. Other elements complementing the PIU Design concealed frame door system are a wide range of handles, a new type of door closer concealed in the frame and leaf, and a self-closing gasket that provides a barrier against odour, light, air and sound.. All to make our lives easier, safer and more luxurious.

Technical Approval for the system No. ITB-KOT-2020/1477, high sound insulation of 35dB, fire resistance in the Ei30 class for selected models.

PIU internal aluminium doors – available models PIU Aluminium LinePIU Glass Line, sliding systems: PIU Geometric Alu and Glass and PIU Ghost.