High doors

Open up to the high doors! Doors flush with the wall are undergoing a huge revolution in homes, and their design is as important as the design of furniture, lighting or decoration. Doors with a hidden frame are an increasingly appreciated element in interiors and have a huge impact on the spatial order of the interior and its attractiveness. A tailor-made door for a given interior is the result of many factors which determine the final effect. High doors, flush doors, invisible doors, doors without a top beam up to 320 cm and even higher are all solutions that will make your presence felt in an interior perspective.

Modern high doors from the PIU Aluminium Line collection, completely aluminium, lightweight door construction with hidden frame, with beautiful leaf finishing detail gives the possibility of cladding with heavy materials, i.e. polymer glass, quartz sinter, concrete, stone and many others. Aluminium frame and aluminium leaves manufactured by PIU Design are available in the following colours: natural anodised, brushed stainless steel (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black), brown (brushed dark brown). Model 5.0 is suitable for wall panels up to 5,5mm thick (e.g. polymer glass)and model 6.5 up to 8mm thick. Aluminium is an all-natural product, environmentally friendly, with a low carbon footprint (CO2) and fully recyclable.

PIU high doors – available models PIU Aluminium LinePIU Wood LinePIU Glass Line and sliding systems: PIU Geometric and PIU Ghost.