Hidden frame

Hidden PIU aluminium door frame is an innovative product based on the latest technological developments in the materials used. It is a unique, lightweight, multi-chambered aluminium construction, with extremely high rigidity. Without visible frame doors with a concealed frame appear lighter, concealed in the wall, modern. This technology is also distinguished by the hiding of all supplementary elements. The increased thickness (up to 50mm), compared to other modern doors, stabilises the leaf and increases the door acoustics. Aluminium frame raw, flush mounted for painting, lacquered in RAL colours or in anodised matt, brushed stainless steel shade (bright brushed steel), black (brushed black), brown (brushed dark brown). High doors can be manufactured without a top beam up to 320 cm and even higher – concealed ceiling frame.

PIU aluminium frames are classified as:

  • type A – inward opening
  • type B – outward opening

Available 2 types of hidden frame: inward and outward opening, while maintaining the visual effect of facing the wall. In the case of different opening directions, e.g. in the halls and corridors, the high doors still have the same height on the flush side of the wall. A visual effect of a smooth surface is obtained.

PIU aluminium frame – available models: 4.2, 4.5, 5.0, fitted for the PIU Aluminium LinePIU Wood Line and PIU Glass Line door leaves