PIU Wall System - PIU Baseboard

PIU baseboard is made of aluminium and flushed with wall skirt. Used with masonry and plastered walls. Finishing material standard height 70 mm, thickness 8/10 mm. Available noble brushed aluminium finishings. Set with starting boards, joints and corners.

With PIU skirting board perfectly flushed with wall, finished with tile, floor or aluminium flat bar, gives the effect of perfectly smooth walls. They give the ability to open the door up to 180 degrees, secure the lower part of the wall from damages. Functionality does not necessarily mean renouncement of decorative effect.

PIU Baseboard is installed in a wall after plastering, though before floors and putty.

System includes:
– standard board – 2 meters long
– starter boards for PIU frames
– connectors
– external/internal corners 25x25cm

Available variants of PIU skirting boards:
– skirting board with top fin to be filled with 10mm thick material – recommended for brick wall
– skirting board without a fin under 8mm thick material – recommended for brick and plaster walls

Product data sheet PIU Baseboard

Types of finishes

Brown brushed
aluminium C34 S

Black brushed
aluminium C35 S



PIU lapato

Quartz sinter