PIU Sliding System

Sliding door give us an opportunity to an aesthetic and practical arrangement of modern interiors. Sliding, finished with different materials or with glass doors creates a home that redefines an idea of luxury. It’s not only a functional solution, that gives a possibility to open and close the interior. It’s a solution where interior design architecture of the house, appartment plays the main role.

Wall-mounted sliding system GHOST and ceiling mounted sliding system GEOMETRIC are an elegant addition to other PIU Design lines, a perfect solution for a wardrobe, bathroom or other hidden room. Technology of an aluminium door construction give the possibility to use sliding or fixed glazing or finishing with different materials 5,5-6mm thick, i.e. sinter, coloured glass SICIS Vetrite, Lacobel glass, fabrics, wallpaper. Hidden sliding system,  an ergonomical driving system, no bottom track, automatic closing, gives an impression that door “float” along the wall when we open or close the system. Noble aluminium finish – anodized, brushed and in shades: black, dark brown – is the detail that gives a meaning. Luxury is in the detail.

PIU Design offers 2 sliding systems:

  1. PIU Geometric – ceiling mounted sliding system, up to 300cm height or higher in following versions: Glass / Glass Stripe / Glass Loft (full glazing) and ALU version (for finishing with different materials)
  2. PIU Ghost – wall-mounted sliding system, up to 260cm height, in ALU version (for finishing with different materials)


206 - 260 - 280 cm


up to 120 cm*

* depending on the height and finish of the door leaf

Types of finishes

Glass Murano



Wallpaper or paint