PIU Aluminium Line

Interior aluminium, high up to 320cm doors is a very important element that impact on our first impression of the house. From all available materials, aluminium gives architects a particular possibility of creating space. PIU Aluminium Line technology – aluminum flush-to-wall door frame and an aluminum doorleaf  guarantees a dimensional stability of high doors up to 320 cm high, or even higher, and gives a possibility of using different finishing materials. High PIU Aluminium Line doors may be finished with: organic glass, leather, fabrics, sinter, concrete, lacquered, veneered or acrylic panels (mx 5,5-8mm thick), are perfectly flushed with wall finished with the same material.

PIU ALU is characterised by its elegant look and modern design – door frames and door leaves finished with noble aluminium: black, dark brown or light brown and other colours from RAL palette. This unique solution is a result of carefully designed construction with custom-made project. Care for detail, innovative technology and timeless elegance of tailor-made doors.

A popular nowadays trend is to use doors and windows of the same height (one line) or floor-to-ceiling doors (with a floor-to-ceiling door frame), concealed doors, sliding doors (Ghost sliding system, Geometric Alu and Glass sliding system)

The system is covered by National Technical Assesment ITB-KOT-2020/1477 and offers excellent sound insulation. Selected models have a fire resistance class of Ei30.

Product data sheet 6.5

Product data sheet 5.0

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* other widths upon request