PIU Closet System

Closet system designed for the interior built-in wardrobe. Double-leaf modern door in aluminium frame and leaf construction, up to 280cm height, with a maximum width of 200cm. Build-in wardrobe is a perfect solution for hall, foyer, kitchen and all other places we wish to hide a wardrobe, pantry technical and utility room. Large scale wardrobe door adjusted to the wall finishing material are very fashionable. PIU Design technology gives a possibility of using aluminium door, with magnetick locks, aesthetically adjusted in style with all other doors in the interior. Wardrobe door look exceptionally better due to slim construction made of natural anodized, bright brushed steel, brushed champagne, dark brown and black. They may be open with minimalistic handrails or a knob.

The system consists of an aluminium flush-to-wall door frame and 2 door-leaves available in different widths in an active leaf/active leaf configuration. Standard widths of wardrobe doors include: 90+90cm, 80+80cm, 90+80cm, 90+70cm, 70+70cm. Minimum width of a single door-leaf: 40 cm. The dimensions of the door can be adjusted to suit an individual project. Closing system: knob or handrail (closing magnets). Door-leaves have an aluminium perimeter frame, which can be finished with prefabricated sheets of different materials (i.e. organic glass) up to 5.5-6 mm thick. It produces an effect of seamless continuity between the door and the wall covered with the same materials.


206 – 280cm

1 Leaf Width

40 - 100cm

2 Leaves Width

110 - 200cm

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